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Finding a dentist that everyone in the family is comfortable with is important. This is even more so if you feel anxious at the dentist – whether it’s just the jitters or you suffer from more severe dental phobia.

If you are afraid of the dentist, at Today’s Dentistry we can help work out a management plan for pain and anxiety control before you decide to proceed with treatment. Techniques and methods available include conscious sedation (oral, inhalation, intravenous) and general anaesthetic.

To start, here’s a rundown of the dental services we can personalise for you:

Sedation and anaesthetic options for your dental phobia

Once you’ve decided which treatments you want to have, we can work out ways to help you stay calm and pain-free during your time with us.

The good news is that if you suffer from dental phobia, your dental treatment is more complex or you require multiple treatments, your procedure can now be carried out during day surgery at our specialised dental sedation clinic in the Brisbane CBD, instead of in a private hospital.

“Sometimes people have a complicated series of procedures on their dental treatment plan or need anxiety management,” explains Dr David Kerr from Today’s Dentistry, who can treat you at our sedation clinic.

“For example, recently one of our patients required dental implants, which is a surgical procedure. While she was having this done in our sedation clinic, we also did some fillings and cleaned her teeth. We can’t do general dental treatments like this in a private hospital because they don’t have the dental equipment and facilities we need, but our purpose-built sedation clinic does.”

TIP: strategies to help you ditch dental phobia

Nervous and cancelled your dental visit again? Here’s a tip: take along a friend or someone in your family. You may feel more comfortable having them there while you wait and we’re also happy for them to come into the dental room with you.

Sign up online or call Monica or Bronwyn at Today’s Dentistry on 07 3263 2677.

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