Sedation Options

Trying to find a dentist who can treat you with conscious sedation? At Today’s Dentistry, our general dental practice in Chermside on Brisbane’s northside, we can do just that and more.

One of these sedation options is conscious sedation

At Today’s Dentistry, we offer our patients a variety of sedation options to suit their needs.

Whatever your dental goal, we’ll go through all the options with you – what you can expect from each one, how much it will cost and the consequences of whatever treatments you choose.

We also want you to have dental care that’s as calm, comfortable and pain-free as possible, so we can provide you with either light conscious sedation for when you’re nervous in the chair or have a low pain tolerance, or deeper sedation and anaesthetic options for more phobic patients and complex cases.

MINIMAL sedation options

At our Aspley general dental practice, we can use a combination of anti-anxiety medication, local anaesthetic and sedatives to help patients relax in the chair. You’ll be kept awake and able to talk, hence the term ‘conscious sedation’.

We offer:

Oral sedation

Valium, a prescription relaxant that we can organise for you before your procedure.

Local anaesthetic

Injection to numb your gums, as well as topical anaesthetic gel to make the administration of the injection even more comfortable for you.

Minimal conscious sedation

Your dental session will seem quicker with nitrous oxide (‘laughing gas’).

MODERATE or DEEP sedation options

Depending on the complexity of your case and whether there are any fears or anxiousness tied in, we can now take you to our sedation room at our specialised dental sedation clinic in Brisbane’s CBD, right near Queen Street Plaza.

First you’ll undergo a case assessment at our Chermside dental clinic to determine your individual situation and the scope of dental work. Then we’ll present you with your options, discuss the costs, weigh up the pros and cons, and evaluate your comfort level with the treatment.

“Whether your treatment is complicated, you need a lot of it or you’re really quite anxious and don’t want to be awake for it, we can help,” says Dr David Kerr, partner dentist at Today’s Dentistry.

“If that’s the case, we can talk about altering your consciousness. Then we can get your teeth fixed and wake you back up when we’re finished.”

At our Queen Street clinic, we offer the same range of dental treatments as we do at our Chermside dental practice. The advantage is that we’re able to perform procedures under these sedation or anaesthetic techniques:

Minimal conscious sedation

Nitrous oxide (‘laughing gas’)

Moderate conscious sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation

Deep unconscious sedation

General anaesthetic

Conscious sedation: talk to your dentist for anxiety relief

Communicating with your dentist is the surest way to choosing the appropriate sedation for you and making your dental visits more stress-free.

Depending on your level of trepidation, you might want to start by simply penciling in an appointment online or speak with our friendly front desk staff at Today’s Dentistry on (07) 3263 2677.

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