Our dental sedation clinic

Today’s Dentistry is a general dental practice in Aspley on Brisbane’s northside. For over 25 years, our team has been looking after patients with quality dental treatments, so they can benefit from the best dental health possible.

Because we want your dental experience to be positive, especially if you’re an anxious patient, we also offer you sedation dentistry – treatments that can be performed under sedation or general anaesthetic.

Now, your own dentist from Today’s Dentistry can treat you at our specialised dental sedation clinic in Brisbane’s CBD.

What makes it different?

In general dentistry, as at our Aspley practice, we can only perform dental treatments under local anaesthetic. For more complex treatments that require you to ‘go under’, a dentist would normally refer you to an oral surgeon and the procedure would be performed in a private hospital with the aid of an anaesthetist.

Instead of going to hospital, you can now choose to have your treatment done at our dental sedation clinic.

The difference? A hospital theatre will have the anaesthetic facilities required for oral surgery (like dental implants or wisdom teeth extraction), however it won’t have the equipment a dentist needs to perform a range of dental treatments under sedation or anaesthetic.

Our dental sedation clinic is tailor made for dentists with dental chairs, cutting-edge technology and fully trained dental staff. All procedures are done under the care of medical specialists like an anaesthetist.

Services we offer at our dental sedation clinic

At our dental sedation clinic in Brisbane’s CBD, we offer the same dental treatments as we do at our Aspley general dental practice. It’s one of the few Brisbane dental facilities that can perform these procedures under sedation or anaesthetic:

Dental implants

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Teeth extractions

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Root canal treatment

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Gum treatment

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Fillings (as part of a more extensive treatment plan)

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How does this help me if I have dentist fear?

Some of our patients are anxious about having dental treatment and don’t want to be awake during it. Often, they’ll ask if we can ‘put them to sleep’ during a procedure, whether it’s more complicated like a wisdom tooth extraction or something simpler like several fillings.

At our dental sedation clinic, we can. We simply offer this option to help you get the dental care you need.

Keep calm and carry on

If you want to talk more to your dentist about having treatment at our dental sedation clinic, please book your appointment or call 07 3263 2677. And don’t worry – our friendly front desk staff can take care of all the in-clinic arrangements

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